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Piece of cherry from a previous adventure - came back with me on the train.Heading down to Willard Brothers on Nov 18 to buy some cherry and walnut flitches. I think. They do have about every species imaginable, so may find something else that's cool and gorgeous.

On the left is a piece I bought a couple years ago. Didn't have access to a car at the time, so took the train down, brought it back on the train to Penn, then the subway back to Brooklyn. Worked, but, eh, less than ideal. And no chance to stop for snacks along the way. Much less of an adventure.

The plan for these upcoming pieces is to make a couple bike racks, as well a have an idea for a new table design, both of which will prominently feature the natural edge. 

They'll be available for purchase at the Brooklyn Flea Dec 10 and the Brooklyn Craft Central Market Dec 18.

Bottles and cans of my wood oil and wood wax now at  By Brooklyn. Works great on any woodenware in your kitchen - cutting boards, butcher block counter tops, wooden spoons, salad bowls, etc.

It's made from mineral oil, beeswax, anise oil, and orange oil. Works great and smells great (but not enough smell to flavor what you’re cutting on the board, of course).

The oil is great for regular maintenance (like a nice coating once a month), the wax is for adding a bit of shine and added protection, as well as helping to bring back to life a board that may have seen better days.

Coat the board, wait a while (at least 15min), and wipe off the excess and buff w/ paper towel or cloth. If you really want to get fancy, you can heat them up (a double boiler works well – the microwave won’t work), and that will help it soak into the wood.

Plan to have it in other stores soon. At least stop by By Brooklyn and give it a smell. The wax also works very well as a lip balm.

In the coming weeks you'll be able to buy it from this site via a proper online store as well (finally!).]]>

Irene Sale!

Aug 27 2011 | 0 comments

Wow! Saturday was my 2nd highest day for hits ever - 2nd only to the day w/ Tasting Table. Clearly we're all a bit cooped up...

Well, if you're tired of watching the news and finally want some cutting board satisfaction, shoot me an email.

All products 15% off until the MTA has regular service running again. Sunday eve? Monday eve? Who knows!

New single letter monogrammed boards, end grain boards, lime boards, and more.


There was a great little story today from Tasting Table that featured my cutting boards.

Look at this!

Thanks to all who've come by and taken a look at my wares, and stay tuned for more innovative cutting boards, bike racks, wine racks, etc. So many more ideas...


At long last working on the copper frame for the low credenza. Part of the frame will be joined with standard copper fittings, other sections of pipe will be joined by round wooden pieces.

I turned the piece of cherry so that the ends fit inside the pipe, and the middle portion is the same as the outside diameter of the pipe. I then mitered it for the 90° angle. It'll be a smooth transition along the frame from copper to wood then back to copper again. Awesome.

Here's a pic:

A piece equivalent to the part with the blue tape is inside the copper pipe.  Perfect fit. You can see the piece with tape is a little bigger, so I'll need to correct that, but you get the idea.


So I've been on a bit of a kitchen and cutting board bender these last few weeks. Have three new cutting board prototypes nearly completed, and those will be available around the beginning of June.

  • Affordable compact boards that fit over your sink, have slots for knives and a container for skins and peels! And wall-mountable/storable.
  • A stovetop board customized to your stove.
  • The biggest board yet that weighs about 30lbs(!!)
  • A countertop board that makes it as easy as can be get your mirepoix from the board to the pan. It will blow your mind.

There will be a number of boards at a number of prices, for every sized kitchen. And they're all customizable.

I'm also putting the final touches on a line of cutting board pastes and oils to maintain any board you have, as well as wooden spoons and spatulas, and can even use as a lip balm. Yum. I'll have these for sale in early June.

With the boards done, I'm looking forward to focusing again on wall-mounted bike racks.  This next series won't have the natural edge, but will be more compact and will work for women's bikes as well. Stay tuned...

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I was featured (mentioned?) in an article in the May issue of Popular Mechanics. Take a look:

The article is spot on. Play to your strengths. Makes me like even more the great post from 37 Signals that I tweeted on 4/13...

Be sure to take a look at some of David Yepez's work, too.



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