Wall Mounting

We'll be honest, we think our boards are too pretty to keep in a drawer. Why not put yours on the wall and display it as the piece of art it is?

Nearly all of our boards are wall mountable. Once hanging, the board rests on rubber bumpers mounted to the wall. These bumpers, along with screws and 65-lb-rated drywall anchors, are included in the mounting hardware that comes with each board. If mounting directly to wood, you only need the screw and bumper, and for concrete you will need to get a concrete anchor.

Here's the mounting hardware that comes with a cutting board.

For mounting to drywall with the enclosed anchor, first make a hole with a Phillips-head screwdriver. For larger boards with two mounts, the holes should be placed 12" apart.

Screw in the plastic anchor until it's flush with the wall.

Tip! If going into old plaster walls instead of drywall, you may want to cut the tip off the anchor as shown. Plaster walls aren't hollow like drywall walls, so you won't have as much space. This shortened anchor can still hold a 15 lb board, though.

Screw the bumper into the mount. It should be nice and snug and slightly compressed, but don't overtighten!

Then, hang the board

and admire.


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