So I've been on a bit of a kitchen and cutting board bender these last few weeks. Have three new cutting board prototypes nearly completed, and those will be available around the beginning of June.

  • Affordable compact boards that fit over your sink, have slots for knives and a container for skins and peels! And wall-mountable/storable.
  • A stovetop board customized to your stove.
  • The biggest board yet that weighs about 30lbs(!!)
  • A countertop board that makes it as easy as can be get your mirepoix from the board to the pan. It will blow your mind.

There will be a number of boards at a number of prices, for every sized kitchen. And they're all customizable.

I'm also putting the final touches on a line of cutting board pastes and oils to maintain any board you have, as well as wooden spoons and spatulas, and can even use as a lip balm. Yum. I'll have these for sale in early June.

With the boards done, I'm looking forward to focusing again on wall-mounted bike racks.  This next series won't have the natural edge, but will be more compact and will work for women's bikes as well. Stay tuned...

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