If you buy something from Gowanus Furniture Co. and wood or glue fails through the course of normal use, we'll fix it for you or replace it for free.

Just let us know of any problems by either email or by calling 718 GO-CANAL.

If you're in Brooklyn or a neighboring borough, we can even swing by and pick up the wounded little fella. If you're outside the city, if you get it to us we'll ship it back to you. Our items can - and should - last lifetimes.

For more detailed information about our cutting board guarantee, visit our maintenance page. Since cutting boards come in contact with food, water, and knives, their care can be a little trickier, so we have some tips to make sure your Gowanus Furniture Co. board lasts.

For any questions, feel free to email, or call 718-GO-CANAL.