Bottles and cans of my wood oil and wood wax now at  By Brooklyn. Works great on any woodenware in your kitchen - cutting boards, butcher block counter tops, wooden spoons, salad bowls, etc.

It's made from mineral oil, beeswax, anise oil, and orange oil. Works great and smells great (but not enough smell to flavor what you’re cutting on the board, of course).

The oil is great for regular maintenance (like a nice coating once a month), the wax is for adding a bit of shine and added protection, as well as helping to bring back to life a board that may have seen better days.

Coat the board, wait a while (at least 15min), and wipe off the excess and buff w/ paper towel or cloth. If you really want to get fancy, you can heat them up (a double boiler works well – the microwave won’t work), and that will help it soak into the wood.

Plan to have it in other stores soon. At least stop by By Brooklyn and give it a smell. The wax also works very well as a lip balm.

In the coming weeks you'll be able to buy it from this site via a proper online store as well (finally!).]]>