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Aug 04 2014 | 0 comments

Last weekend's project - made my crossover go from homely to handsome with a sweet walnut enclosure. Pretty nerdtastic, but my receiver is old and doesn't have a subwoofer-out, so I run the signal though the crossover first, and that sends the lows to the subwoofer and everything else back to the receiver to go to the main speakers. The walnut's not resting on the surface - there's about 1mm of space - small rubber feet are underneath. See what I did there? It's not too deep, so made the walnut rails and a plywood top to support the receiver in the back.



Yours truly giving some tips cutting board cleaning... And there may be more coming. Watch out.
This was filmed as part of a series of quick tips by krrb.com. Check out the entire post, too.

Here's a bit about how to apply wax. Utterly captivating.

Kate Nyland wrote this great post about the class we just wrapped up and the board she and her husband made.  Good times had by all, and all made some really pretty cutting boards. Full report coming soon. Next class is April 20 & 27.

(c) Kate Nyland

Image (c) Kate Nyland

We held the first half of the two session class last Friday. Smashing success. We talked all about cutting boards and woodworking and furniture making, then proceeded to arrange and glue up some boards.

The class made 6 very lovely ones.

Can see the pictures here: http://instagr.am/p/Io1A0CpyGT/

I was very enthusiastic about the whole thing and forgot to take real photos (and those who know me are likely not surprised), but will have some from this week's class as we finish the boards up.

We made Kentile-style boards, but had the added variety of thinner pieces of walnut and maple, as well as some cherry, and that all made for some interesting patterns and boards that can't be found anywhere else. I really like the idea of using something personalized you made yourself to make your dinner.

Looking forward to Friday.

This one is monogrammed with PZH. The "P-Z" for her are the two columns at the top. The "H" for him are the four lines below.

It has the lip on the front and that nifty well on the right. 

I really like the balance that these two sets of letters have together.  Take a closer look a the "H" for him in the four lines below:

Each "dot" was made from the same piece of walnut, and can see how each piece had a range of tones. You can see the progression from left to right. I love how that came out.

I'm really liking these maple boards - the subtle color variations and patterns always appeal.

 Just finished some more custom boards. 

This first one was a challah board, monogrammed with an L for lechem ("bread" in Hebrew) and a small well to hold salt.

This other board was monogrammed with "AMA" down the right side, with a well to hold wily vegetables or onion skins, and a board scraper. The cutting edge of cutting board design. What do you think of the thin stripes in the well on the left?

Gowanus Furniture will have a table at the Flea this Saturday - 10-5pm at the Williamsburgh Bank building. Come on by and say hello, can grab some Lime Boards too. Few things stuff stockings better. There will also be a number of cutting boards on display, as well as wall-mounted bike racks. 

Hope to see you there!

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