Other Projects

Commissions and personal pieces, since 2004

Seems most of the time is spent on custom cutting boards and countertops, but love to play with other ideas too. Here's a sample of some of the other work we've done. 


treeHouse Window Planters - July 2014

A really pretty piece on front of custom-sized plywood boxes lined with plastic with hidden drainage in the bottom.  

Bring a bit of the outside inside with living curtains. Great for herbs in the kitchen, too.


treeHouse Window Planters


Monumental '81 Wall-mounted speakers - January 2014

Full-range 3 1/2" driver in a ported 22L MDF enclosure. ~18" x 15" x 3" 

Front panel can be either a veneer (shown with ebonized and limed red oak), or silkscreened art or a photograph.


Monumental '81 Speaker

(Photo courtesy of Treehouse New York)


Hanging Lamp - Summer 2009

Walnut, 12 bulbs @ 25 watts

Arranged as two interlocking Golden Spirals.

Two spirals, one rotated 180° and overlaid atop the other, as seen below. 

It attaches to the ceiling with no visible hardware, and plugs into a standard socket (not hardwired). 

Bike Rack - Fall 2010

Cherry, with copper inlay

Top tube cradled in the channel. Sides of channel lined with rubber to prevent marring the frame, with space below to accommodate brake or shift cables mounted on the underside of the tube.

Click here to learn about the upcoming production version.

Low Credenza - Spring 2010

Cherry, with copper inlay and (eventual) copper frame and seating area

A blend of the bike rack above and the wine rack below.

From a previous series of projects - 2004-2006

All pieces built on a Manhattan rooftop.



Vino Wine Rack - Summer 2006

Cherry & Copper, capacity of 1 case

Jefferson Coffee Table - Spring 2006

Aluminum conduit, plexiglas, steel rod

A rational yet complicated table, the spacing of the rods on the bottom shelf are (another) reference to the Fibonacci sequence.

Zeez Bed - Spring 2006

Aluminum conduit

Fresco Bistro Table - Winter 2006

Aluminum conduit, plexiglas

Barco Coffee Table - Fall 2005

Aluminum conduit, glass

Julia Kitchen Work Table - Summer 2004

2' x 4' hard maple top, aluminum conduit

Newhaus Long Table - Summer 2004

Aluminum conduit, plexiglas

Phi Media Rack - Spring 2004

Aluminum conduit, glass