Completed Boards

We want photos of your Gowanus Furniture cutting board! Wall-mounted, in action, new in the box, anything goes. Send us yours and if we publish it here, you'll get full credit for the images and we'll send some wax or oil just for sharing. Submit at if you think you've got the chops!

In the meantime, here are some awesome custom boards we've already rolled out:

Another custom Kentile cutting board, this one was a wedding gift for a couple. It was made from cherry, with the "MC" monogram in walnut. Great combo. Note, too, the riveted tag. 
Eagle No. 027 - Monogrammed with a "KJ" for a couple's 5th wedding anniversary. The traditional gift is wood, after all.

A small custom board for citrus, monogrammed with an "RM", made from walnut and cherry.
A custom Kentile board, monogrammed with an "AM" in cherry. Over time, the cherry will get darker and darker. We arranged it so there were some cool things going on with the lighter sapwood in the cherry on the right side.

Eagle No. 026 - Monogrammed with an "L". A longer board (14" x 24") with feet in the middle of the board to allow it to cantilever over a sink. Neat-o.
  Eagle No. 024 - Monogrammed "AGS" with individual dots and dashes in the upper left.

Eagle No. 023 - Mongrammed "AJL" with a well on the left and integrated bench scraper on the right.

Eagle No. 022 - Monogrammed "SMC". A wedding gift. With an au jus groove.

Eagle No. 021 - Monogrammed "PZH" for a couple -- "PZ" for her in the top two columns, "H" for him in the four lines below. Also with a well on the right and a lip on the bottom.
Kentile - This one is for use as a challah board, monogrammed with an "L" for lechem (Hebrew for "bread"). Complete with a small well on the lower right for holding salt.

Eagle No. 020 - Monogrammed "AMA" down the right, with a well on the left -- like  Eagle No. 41 -- and an integrated bench scraper-- like Eagle No. 35.
Culver Over-Stove - Mongrammed "B," with special silicone feet for sitting on a stovetop.
Not monogrammed, but a custom over-stove board. Made of entirely walnut and maple, but lots of variety in each species made it fun to arrange the patterns and colors.

Eagle No. 019 - Monogrammed "MK" on the left and "K" on the right as a gift for a couple -- each of their first initials on the left ("M" and "K") and their last name on the right ("K"). Originally the customer wanted two Ks on the right, but we discussed and decided on one K. We think it reads like two Ks combined, overlaying one another. Very appropriate and cool.

Eagle No. 017 - slightly different non-Morse take. As you can see, this one says "EL." A well-received Christmas gift.
Eagle No. 016 - Monogrammed for the entire family. With the walnut border, this may be the prettiest board yet.

"I" and "S" in the bottom row are the initials of the mother and father, and "A," "K," and "S" in the top three rows are the initials of their children.

Kentile No. 015 - Monogrammed "AA" as a wedding gift. "A" is a short letter in Morse code so we were able to fit both initials on a long-grain Kentile board.
Eagle No. 014 - Monogrammed "LWS." The recipient of Eagle No. 013 below had this piece made for her dad.

Eagle No. 013 - Monogrammed "A." Slightly smaller with a single-letter monogram.

Eagle No. 012 - Monogrammed for a couple with "P" on the bottom left and "G" on the top right. Designed to be a serving platter. The "G" is upside down so this one looks great from any seat. Complete with au jus groove and two deep reservoirs.
Eagle No. 010 - Monogrammed "P." Top two rows are all walnut, but the variations in color have a gradient effect.

Eagle No. 009 - Monogrammed "EZK" for a couple, with a vertical "K" for the last initial.

Eagle No. 008 - Monogrammed "TBJ" for a couple. The "J" is arranged vertically with great grain patterns in the walnut.
Eagle No. 007 - Monogrammed "FB."
Eagle No. 006 - Monogrammed "MKA."
Eagle No. 005 - Monogrammed "BD" as a wedding gift.
Eagle No. 004 - Monogrammed "APR."
Eagle No. 003 - Monogrammed "NLM."
Eagle No. 002 - Monogrammed "SDS."
Eagle No. 001 - Monogrammed "CG."
Eagle No. 031 - Monogrammed "K d'O" for Kors d'Oeuvres. Apostrophe = "D."

Eagle No. 032 - Monogrammed "BB" for By Brooklyn on Smith St.
Eagle No. 034 - Monogrammed with "GFC" for Gowanus Furniture Co. as a demo board. Complete with a slide-out mini board.

Eagle No. 035 - Wrapped up like a present with maple ribbon. Complete with an integrated 6" bench scraper.

Eagle No. 036 - Monogrammed "BK" for the Bilotta Kitchens showroom in the A&D Building.
Eagle No. 041 - Monogrammed "R" as a prototype for an over-sink model, with a divot to hold wily vegetables.
Eagle No. 043 - Monogrammed "R" as a prototype for a carving board with an au jus groove. This board formerly held a London broil.
Eagle No. 051 - Monogrammed "JV" in two rows. Half size.

Eagle No. 052 - Monogrammed "EJ".