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Coming soon... Wall-mounted speakers (and more).


We're making speakers.

Great speakers. But you can be the judge of that. Come by and give a listen.


You really need to stop using that iPhone dock and start hearing what you're missing. 

These are driven by a single full-range driver and they mount to your walls with a sturdy French cleat. They're designed for apartment-sized living rooms, and can easily be driven to disturb your neighbors, but they excel at more modest levels. They display tremendous clarity, detail and precision, as well as surprising bass response.  

These ones here are just the MDF enclosures, but when finished, they'll look as good as they sound. Choices of real hardwood veneers, hardwood frames around the perimeter, and silk screening options. Gorgeous.

Treat them like a canvas and create something you want to live with.

We'll have classes where you can do it yourself, too.

Finished pairs will be around $400, shipping in April 2014.  

Here they are on the wall:

 Here's one partially finished, with a lovely ebonized red oak veneer, coated with a liming paste to show off the grain:


This one above still needs the hardwood frame around the perimeter to cover those screws. Stay tuned to @gowanusfurniture on Instagram for the latest pictures of the process and the finished products.


Want to give them a listen or learn more? Contact with any questions or to be added to the mailing list, or to schedule a time to come by and give them a listen yourself. You can also come by Brooklyn Flea and see them there too. (Each weekend 10am - 6pm, Saturday and Sunday. 80 N 5th St, Between Wythe and Berry in Williamsburg.)