Gowanus Audio

It's all about bringing people together and making stuff.

I started Gowanus Audio to find other people who are also into home audio, especially making their own gear. I’m amazed that with the size of the city, this is a group that’s surprisingly hard to find - and everyone I talk to about this is also in the dark. So here we are.

The other reason for the business is to offer DIY kits and classes for anyone who wants to make it themselves, starting with the 2-way Speaker Building class.

In this age of laptop speakers and phones-in-a-mug and Sonos-and-their-kin, most people can’t recall what a great stereo setup sounds like. Thing is, it’s relatively easy to do - if you find some used bargains, make some of it yourself, and set it up properly, and you can have a system far superior - and perhaps even for less money - than comparable products you can buy off the shelf today. And not everyone wants to do that. I totally get it. But lots of people do, and they don’t know where to turn.  

What I think makes this a fun hobby and not just set-it-and-forget-it is that there’s a lot of math and physics, as well as a healthy dose of snakeoil, and if you can sort through that, you’ll have a pretty killer system. The best part is when you play some album you know really well after you changed something, and the hairs on your neck stand up because you immediately recognize it just sounds “better”. You can’t control that - it just happens immediately - and it’s that that makes me want to make more stuff and try new gear.

With all of this, as much as I like to sit on my couch with some music and a drink, I also want to discuss this with other folks, too. And trade cables with someone else for a weekend. Or borrow a friend’s rare preamp tube.

Kits and classes are designed to give a good understanding of theory and fabrication technique, as well as look and sound great. My goal is to add value to the products through their designs, making it so good that the class is a bargain compared to buying something comparable.

Future kits and classes to include:

Before and After Science...