Class - Digital Room Correction with miniDSP/REW

Affordable digital room correction is the biggest improvement to home audio in the last 20 years. 

It's really hard to make a NYC-apartment-sized living room sound as good as a living room, in - you know - a big house. It's less a matter of having the right gear and more a matter of physics - room dimensions make things complicated (especially for bass and mid-bass) and we city-dwellers can't escape that.

The miniDSP 2x4 HD is an incredible device that helps solve some of those problems. At $205, it's an incredible value. Add to that some freeware (REW), a measurement microphone, and a little time, and you'll be in business. Thing is that it can be a bit daunting the first time around. 

This 3hr session provides a quick overview of how to take acoustic measurements using Room EQ Wizard, analyze and understand the results, and import the settings into the miniDSP. This class focuses on corrections in frequency domain. We'll talk a bit about correcting for phase in the time domain, but this class won't go into that in detail. 

We'll use my system as an example, go through the steps of taking and interpreting measurements, and then create the filters (bring your laptop and we'll all go through the steps together). We'll also go over techniques like using the data to locate precisely which surfaces in your living room are causing reflections, as well as the importance of acoustic treatments.

Limited to 4 attendees. 

(Note - we can't totally rock out during the weeknight classes and still keep the neighbors so while we'll be able to hear the effects and still learn a ton, it will be a bit more subdued.)

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