Audio Hangs - Drinks & Tunes

Come by for a drink...

Smaller events - now and then - at someone's home...

I like having get-togethers at my place so folks can hear the gear I've made and the speakers we make in the class - it's fun to show off the stuff and get feedback too. It's also a lot of fun to hear equipment wildly different from my own at other friends' places, but which still sounds phenomenal. That's what this hobby's all about, I think. Lots of different ways to reach the same goal.  

So, now and the, we'll meet up at someone else place for some drinks and tunes. 

Get in touch if you'd like to host sometime, or if you'd like to attend one on the calendar. Shoot me an email at (no need to "buy" it from this website) and I'll then send more details your way.

[If you'd like to host, let me know how many folks you can reasonably accommodate (we'll cap it at that) and any interesting gear to look forward to. The day of, attendees will get the address information. If history is any guide, it's usually a pretty tame crowd...]

Hope to see you. 

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