Grilled Cheese Cutting Board

We're taking a bit of a hiatus from these boards for a little while - it's been a good run for the last five years, but we need a break. Read all about it here.

For more info feel free to email Pete Raho at for any more info - we're still making these boards, just not as frequently as before.

For a sandwich too big for a Lime Board, and too small for a Cheese Board

It's about the size of a Kindle, but it's even more useful.

It's supposed to be used only for grilled cheese, but so long as the Cutting Board Police don't find you, you can use it for a tomato, onion, or some other sort of sandwich

It also makes for a great dedicated garlic board - easy to move this little board to the pan, and your other boards won't smell like garlic.

5" x 7 3/4", about 3/4" thick, made by hand from maple & walnut. 

Like other boards, some have more walnut (darker), some have more maple (lighter) - if any preferences, note in the cart comments. (There are about 14 different stripe patterns - dang! - so tough to have all the different options on the site, but we'll do our best. All of them are quite pretty, tho.)

Want it with a custom Morse Code monogram? Just a few bucks more. Check it out.

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  • Grilled Cheese Cutting Board
  • Grilled Cheese Cutting Board
  • Grilled Cheese Cutting Board
  • Grilled Cheese Cutting Board