Eagle Monogrammed Cutting Boards

We're taking a bit of a hiatus from these boards for a little while - it's been a good run for the last five years, but we need a break. Read all about it here.

For more info feel free to email Pete Raho at pete@gowanusfurniture.com for any more info - we're still making these boards, just not as frequently as before.

The cutting board that started it all.

Standard size is 16" x 20", 2" thick, about 15lbs, and made from walnut and hard maple. Hand-rubbed oil and beeswax finish. Designed to last a lifetime, or at least a couple decades.

Monogrammed via Morse code with maple and walnut representing dots and dashes. The wood is carefully arranged to showcase the beauty of the grain. 

Morse code has been starting conversations for nearly 170 years. Dinner should do the same thing. This board has a story to tell. People are talking about them too.

The large picture features a larger board that says "BK" (dash-dot-dot-dot, dash-dot-dash), and the second board has the entire family on it - "A, K, S" as the first three rows for the kids, and "I, S" for the parents on the bottom row.

Take a look at other completed boards. (Also check out the Kentile - it's also monogrammed via Morse code, but is long-grain rather than end-grain - little smaller, and costs a little less.)

All boards are wall mountable and include mounting hardware and come with the underside carry handle. Each board also arrives with supply of oil and wax.

They also do look very nice. And will get a bit gouged up through use.

But that's ok.

Each board includes a complete resurfacing and refurbishing, to be used at a later date. 

We stand by our products.

Use it, gouge it up, and when you want it to be cleaned up a bit, ship it back, we'll resurface it, and ship it back to you, free of charge.

Please include the full names of those to be included in the monogram - sometimes there are a couple different and cool designs to make it look good.

Plenty of options to make it your own perfect board (or someone else's). The $390 board is 16" x 20" and has one row of "letters" arranged left to right or top to bottom. Two rows or columns of letters, individual letters placed in the board, borders, and other embellishments are certainly possible, but may cost extra. We love to talk about cutting boards - feel free to reach out with any questions. We're glad to work with on the design with you before you order the board. 

Have an idea or see a feature not listed here? Email hello@gowanusfurniture.com or call 718 GO-CANAL and let's discuss. 

6 week lead time requested, but if need it faster, let us know & we'll see what we can do. 

Want to give a cutting board, but not the whole thing? How about a gift card?

Walnut with maple, or maple with walnut

Low Profile letters are only a few units high and a bit less obvious, Exclamation! are full-height

The front lip helps you get the goods off the board and onto a plate, the groove around the board is ideal for carving juicy meats.

Roundover hand holds are more subtle - just enough to slip your fingers underneath. Deep Channel ones are 1" diameter grooves that are big enough to use with oven mitts.

Add a well either left or right side to hold onion skins and keep wily vegetables like grape tomatoes from escaping. You can also add a built-in bench scraper (and make your cutting board look like a 90's era CD player).

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  • Eagle Monogrammed Cutting Boards
  • Eagle Monogrammed Cutting Boards
  • Eagle Monogrammed Cutting Boards
  • Eagle Monogrammed Cutting Boards
  • Eagle Monogrammed Cutting Boards
  • Eagle Monogrammed Cutting Boards
  • Eagle Monogrammed Cutting Boards
  • Eagle Monogrammed Cutting Boards