Kitchenware Waxes & Oils

Good cutting boards need some good care.

8 fl oz for the oil, 7 oz net wt for the wax.

The is our own blend of mineral oil USP, beeswax, anise oil USP, and orange oil USP. Both products contain beeswax, with the solid wax containing a greater percentage. 

Oiling boards regularly is essential to prevent them from absorbing water. Wax helps do the same, as well as adding an additional layer of protection and shine.

Read more about maintenance here.

In this blend, we use beeswax to help seal the board, orange oil to make it a bit more lustrous and for its mild antibacterial properties, and the anise oil because it smells amazing when paired with the orange oil.

Works for cutting boards, wooden spoons, salad bowls, etc.

For use on kitchenware only, not fine furniture.

Pro Tip: Apply a coat of oil (or wax), let dry for at least 15min - or overnight if you can - and buff with a paper towel. Give the board some light some light passes with 400 grit sandpaper (shouldn't take more than 15 seconds). Rub again with the paper towel you used to remove the excess oil and wax. 

Utter perfection.

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