Gowanus Furniture Co.

Pete Raho, founder and owner of Gowanus Furniture Co., will be speaking at the TEDxGowanus event, held on January 26, 2014. 


The talk will be all about creating great products on a small scale, and how we can use that model to expand urban manufacturing in the 21st century.

Around the world people now think "Brooklyn" and they think it's all birds and mustaches. That's not what we're talking about.

That's not going to last. 

Cities are engines of creativity that attract the best and the brightest, and manufacturing sectors have a multiplier effect on an urban economy. Let's put that creative energy toward making exceptional (and profitable!) products that are influenced by the city in which they're made.

Old-school high-volume manufacturing in cities is dead, but that doesn't' mean we should turn every old factory into another luxury condo. Please. Keep the space for manufacturing - and lots of it - but on a smaller scale.    





UPDATE - 2/20/14 - The talk is now live.


 Nerds rejoice - just added to the lineup a cutting board that's a visual representation of the Fibonacci sequence. Are you with me? Like all our stuff, it's pretty bold, but the message itself is understated, I think. Check it out and read more about it here

For the fall, we'll be at the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene on Saturdays and the (new) DUMBO Smorgasburg on Sundays. We won't regularly be in Williamsburg on Sundays (although we will be on September 30th, as there will be no Sunday DUMBO Smorgasburg.)

Anything you order online you can pick up at the Flea, if easier, and we also have one-off and unique pieces not available online. 

Also, just a reminder - Facebook and Twitter generally see a bit more action than this blog, if you want the latest Gowanus Furniture Co. news, so feel free to check those out too.

 Our wine holders had a nice little feature in New York Magazine, even featured on the home page for a week or two, as seen below. Nice.

Got an old, tired wooden cutting board? Bring it on by the Brooklyn Flea (Saturday in Fort Greene or Sunday at Smorgasburg in DUMBO), and we'll give it a complimentary sanding, oiling, and waxing while you browse around and do your thing.

We want to improve the health of cutting boards here in Brooklyn. It's what we do. All wooden cutting boards are welcome.

Come by, drop it off, come by about 15min later and it'll be good to go.

(We're there nearly every weekend, but if you want to shoot us a quick email to double check, feel free.)

We've been at the Brooklyn Flea in Ft Greene on Saturdays and Williamsburg on Sundays since the start of the season, but this week we're mixing it up a bit. We'll be at Smorgasburg on Saturday 6/30 with our wares, and showcasing our new stove-top cutting board. We'll see how it goes - so many great markets, how to choose?

Yours truly giving some tips cutting board cleaning... And there may be more coming. Watch out.
This was filmed as part of a series of quick tips by krrb.com. Check out the entire post, too.

Here's a bit about how to apply wax. Utterly captivating.


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