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 Our wine holders had a nice little feature in New York Magazine, even featured on the home page for a week or two, as seen below. Nice.

Top of the list of new Flea vendors in New York magazine(!!) (Don't tell me it was alphabetical...)

See more on the Press page.

Some Gowanus Furniture cutting boards were featured in the March/April issue of Imbibe. Fantastic! Imbibe is pretty sweet... The Kentile was the staff pick, and the Lime Board also got a nice shout-out. Can see more coverage on the Press page.

Nice little feature today on Krrb!

Krrb, if you don't know, is really cool way to find stuff for sale/trade/free nearby (get it, "curb"?) - and not just a list of results, but stuff from real people, all in your neighborhood. Check them out, good folks...


There was a great little story today from Tasting Table that featured my cutting boards.

Look at this!

Thanks to all who've come by and taken a look at my wares, and stay tuned for more innovative cutting boards, bike racks, wine racks, etc. So many more ideas...



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I was featured (mentioned?) in an article in the May issue of Popular Mechanics. Take a look:

The article is spot on. Play to your strengths. Makes me like even more the great post from 37 Signals that I tweeted on 4/13...

Be sure to take a look at some of David Yepez's work, too.



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