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In my living room, got a lamp and wine rack I made years ago. I like them.

With every project, once it's done all I see are ways to do it better and production flaws. But I think with both of these, it's about seeing how to make them simpler. They work well enough - especially the lamp as a lighting piece that isn't hardwired that can plug it into the wall outlet - but while I like the Fibonacci spiral motif, you can use fewer bulbs and less math and still make something that looks good.

Same with the wine rack. This really is a bit too Keebler Elf. But I do like the idea of wine on the wall and plan to revisit the idea and play around with that more in the coming months, with simpler, more elegant designs. Just less.


Walnut Lamp

Nov 04 2010 | 0 comments

[gfc - LFwgr - 16x26]:

A proper dining area needs proper lighting. In this case, that lighting comes from a rectangle made of walnut, with proportions of (nearly) 1:1.618, and twelve lightbulbs. The placement of the lights is based on the Golden Spiral.

So there are two identical spirals, but one is rotated 180deg - i.e. the lamp has 2-fold rotational symetery. The relative length of the cords is based on where they appear in the sequence, but the actual measured lengths are just eyeballed to look nice (not that I didn't try to calculate something...). The spirals start at the corners with shorter cords, and the cords get longer as the spirals continue towards the center. Timeless as in ancient, and "timeless" (for now) as in mid-century modern. Take your pick.

Cleverly attached to the ceiling with no visible fastener, yet still easy to remove.

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