Gowanus Furniture Co.

Here are some pics of the cherry and walnut from Willard Brothers down in Trenton. The walnut will become some small tables, and the cherry will become bike racks. Come by and see the goods in person at the Flea on Dec 10 and the BKCC Holiday Market on the 18th at Littlefield! (Tho def check out the Holiday Market on the 17th too - 60 different vendors each day.)


Piece of cherry from a previous adventure - came back with me on the train.Heading down to Willard Brothers on Nov 18 to buy some cherry and walnut flitches. I think. They do have about every species imaginable, so may find something else that's cool and gorgeous.

On the left is a piece I bought a couple years ago. Didn't have access to a car at the time, so took the train down, brought it back on the train to Penn, then the subway back to Brooklyn. Worked, but, eh, less than ideal. And no chance to stop for snacks along the way. Much less of an adventure.

The plan for these upcoming pieces is to make a couple bike racks, as well a have an idea for a new table design, both of which will prominently feature the natural edge. 

They'll be available for purchase at the Brooklyn Flea Dec 10 and the Brooklyn Craft Central Market Dec 18.

At long last working on the copper frame for the low credenza. Part of the frame will be joined with standard copper fittings, other sections of pipe will be joined by round wooden pieces.

I turned the piece of cherry so that the ends fit inside the pipe, and the middle portion is the same as the outside diameter of the pipe. I then mitered it for the 90° angle. It'll be a smooth transition along the frame from copper to wood then back to copper again. Awesome.

Here's a pic:

A piece equivalent to the part with the blue tape is inside the copper pipe.  Perfect fit. You can see the piece with tape is a little bigger, so I'll need to correct that, but you get the idea.



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