Gowanus Furniture Co.

Top of the list of new Flea vendors in New York magazine(!!) (Don't tell me it was alphabetical...)

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We'll be at the Brooklyn Flea on Sun, Feb 5th. I'm pretty excited as will be unveiling the new  bike rack and shelving. At long last. Easy to install with an easy French cleat, as well as take down when you move. The world will never be the same.

Come by before all the snacks.

Here are some shots of the top of the bike rack, before I glued it up. Can sort of see that some of the cherry is a redder hue and sort of iridescent. Really pretty. I can't wait get the finish on. The live edge will look pretty sweet too.

This is the top shelf, made of two pieces of cherry, each cut into a number of smaller pieces.

Glued up it will look like this (some of them look "shiny" - it's even more pronounced and pretty in real life).

From the side - you can get an idea where it's going. The edge on the right will maintain the natural contours of the tree trunk, and can see the channel that will support the bike. (The channel that's sketched in will actually be about 1/4" to the right.)

In the end, similar to this, but will be better:

Of course, now working on the production model, so will have lots for sale! I've set up a "Bike Rack Mailing List" - if interested in one and want to see as they come out, send an email to hello@gowanusfurniture.com with the subject "Bike List" and I'll keep you in the loop.

There will be a few different versions, ranging from about $250 to $450, depending on the size and the work involved with the number of cool details we add in.


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