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Long Table

Nov 02 2010 | 0 comments

**From the old Manhattan Clean Line days...

Built to fit in a nook in a bench we had on our roof (which also was where these photos were taken).  Perfect fit, great table.  Many a drink drank by drunks at that table.  
New + Bauhaus = Newhaus.

**Built summer 2004.  Not for sale.

(aka Newhaus) [mcl - CTa - 5x1]:

Simple table. 5' x 1', and a little under 2' high so you can fit your knees under it. Sturdy, reliable, functional, looks good. Indoor / outdoor. Plexi supports arranged for both form and function - delightfully asymmetrical - thus the Plexi doesn't sag.

*Any size, shape available, or with a second shelf below, or taller or shorter. Smaller for less. [$299.00 as shown]

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**From the old Manhattan Clean Line days...

This replaces a rickety earlier version (both of which gave some much needed counter space).
For all things culinary, there is only one Julia. Name influenced by my own romanticized and grandiose view that a good sturdy table is essential to good cooking, secondary though to passion and learning correct technique, however so acquired. Also key is eating everything in moderation, tasting all that you make, and knowing that life itself is the proper binge.

**Built summer 2004. Not for sale.

(aka Julia) [mcl - WTa - 2x4]:

It's a genuine John Boos hard rock maple 2' x 4' butcher block top atop a sturdy aluminum frame. The frame (taking cues from Stickley, Wright, and, of course, Corbu...) lets you hang you pans from the rack underneath, put your stock pots on shelf when you’re not making stock, fit your always-useful standard size half-sheet pans perfectly in the upper shelf, and whisk your onion skins right into the bin with no mess. The block sits on non-slip rubber pads to maintain its integrity and allow the wood to change with the humidity (as it will). It also makes it easier to lift it off for maintenance and oiling both sides (if you want it to last a lifetime, as it can - and should). The feet are also adjustable, in the off-chance your current apartment isn't perfectly level.

*Other arrangements available (2'x2' for quite a bit less, or without the sheet pan shelf or bin assembly for quite a bit less, or with wheels for a little bit more - name it, maybe we can do it). [starting at $399.00, $725.00 as shown]

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Media Rack

Nov 02 2010 | 0 comments

**From the old Manhattan Clean Line days...

Back when people used to listen to CDs, I had many, and built this to hold them.  Now a bit of an archaic throwback (and even when built, CDs were well on their way out).  I am quite fond of it though.  It currently holds CDs, as well as scotch.

Phi is φ, the symbol for the geometric relationship defined by (a+b)/a = a/b. Solve it and you get approximately 1.618.  This is the "Golden Ratio" - and rectangles with sides proportional to 1:1.618 and squares can be found throughout the piece. Nerdalilcious.

**Built summer 2004. Not for sale.

(aka Phi) [mcl - MRb - 2-1]:

The Golden Ratio is present throughout, it's so aesthetically pleasing you can't help but be drawn to it. It holds about 200 CDs and 250 LPs for easy viewing, with room to display your gewgaws and gimcracks on the glass. The frame is crafted entirely from aluminum, with 1/2" glass for the shelves. You can tell your guests how you *didn't* get it from Design With Reach or one of those cool stores on Wooster...

*Other arrangements available and can be made larger or smaller to suit your needs. [starting at $299.00, $725.00 as shown]

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