Simple hardwood shelves you can hang anywhere, - both easy to install and can hold a good bit of weight.

These have been in the works for a while, and finally happy with this design. Take a look at the product page here to get your own. This model is $240.

It's two pieces of walnut, with a spline running the length of the miter joint, as you can see below. This makes it quite strong, and allows it to ably serve as a bookshelf.

The shelf has two contrasting maple stripes, and the front edge is softened a bit.

I really like the bottom part of the shelf. I shaped it to resemble the trunk of the tree. More uneven and organic, without any sharp angles, and all sanded very smooth. You want to touch it.

To get it on the wall, it hangs via a simple French cleat. You attach the included strip of wood to the wall (wherever you like with the appropriate anchors), and then the shelf just hangs on it. Really simple, really elegant.  It's the same way that heavy cabinets are often hung in kitchens.

This version is 18" x 10" and about 7"/8" thick. Other custom sizes are available. Send an email with any questions or requests and look for more shelves coming soon. I post most pictures of works in progress to Facebook and Tumblr.