So I have the event at By Brooklyn next weekend (8/20, 2-5pm), and have been working a number of new pieces that I'll have for sale.  There will be some great stuff to looks at, touch, and smell, as well as an opportunity to give a board a spin chopping a carrot,mincing an onion, etc.

I'm especially excited about a board that rests on two 3/4" silicone cords - these two "ropes" of silicone embedded in the bottom of the board let you use it on your stove top (when the stove isn't on, of course), and the board won't, slip, teeter, or totter.

Don't know about you, but my lack of counter space makes the stove a great option. (Pics soon.)

Do come by and say hello.

This end-grain board below makes a great gift. And it's even already looks gift-like. Note the new style of slick handholds. Wall-mountable, too.

I do like the scraper, but after seeing how great the walnut looks, kind of wish I left it out. This basic design will be available as a "grab-and-go" item from By Brooklyn or me directly.

I'll also have an assortment of lime/cheese boards. Personally, as much as I love cutting boards, I only usually need to cut a lime or a single piece of cheese or whatever (like most people...). These approx. 4" x 6" boards look/feel/smell great and do the job with aplomb.

And look at that glass!  Got a pair. For $5. That was a fantastic find at a small antiques fair upstate after a friend's lovely wedding. Late '40s early '50s? So cool.

Hope to see you 8/20 - if you're one of the first of those who show up who like Gowanus Furniture Co. on Facebook, I'll have something for you...]]>