Yeah, so July has come and gone. Such is the summer. With some travel and weddings and beach and all that stuff, was a bit quiet, but now have a number of posts and projects in the hopper. Watch. Out.

I'll be at By Brooklyn on Saturday, August 20th from 2-5pm hawking my wares. Mark your calendars. Come on by and say hello, take a board for a spin and julienne a carrot, and check out some of my newest products.

The first 10 who come in and who like Gowanus Furniture on Facebook will get a free 6 oz. can of my new Cutting Board Ointment. Keeps any cutting board or kitchen woodenware healthy and happy - feels great, smells great, and can even be used as a lip balm.

Speaking of new stuff, here's a sample of what I think is the most beautiful board yet to come out of Gowanus Furniture. The pic is super lousy (new camera next week, YAY!), but the walnut is absolutely extraordinary. And it has a built in stainless steel board scraper. See it / feel it / smell it in person on 8/20. More pics of prototypes on Facebook.