Oh, I'm excited.  Today I received my shipment of these cool metal tins and soon I'll be offering my Cutting Board Salve for sale.  The Salve can help you maintain your GFC board and make any kitchen woodenware feel and smell almost as good as a cutting board you got from me.The Salve is a blend of mineral oil, beeswax, anise oil, and orange oil (and some other stuff too), and the amount of beeswax is what determines the thickness of the product. When I apply the finish to the board, I use a blend that has the consistency of chicken fat / petroleum jelly (for lack of a better descriptor), and heat it up so that all of the wax melts.  I then apply it hot to the board so that the wax penetrates the wood. Subsequent applications usually aren't heated.

This thickness is great on any wooden cutting board, wooden spoons, tongs, etc - it's easy to apply, seals and protects the wood, and can't spill. And if you want, you can always warm it up so that the wax soaks in more deeply.

I also have an oil which will have some wax, but still flow easily and good for a quick application, as well as a cream that has more wax and behaves more like a furniture polish to help fill and seal any knife marks and make the board extra smooth.

All products are made from food-grade ingredients and perfectly safe for indirect food contact.

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