Here are two new cutting boards to help you make dinner.

Board For Your Stove

This board fits over your stove. In my experience, most stoves in rentals have a little lip around the perimeter. This board fits in that lip and can slide left so you can stand at it and mince some garlic, and then back to the right so it can hold your spoon rest and salt cellar.

To make it slide more easily, fry something delicious.

Solid hard maple, 1" thick, with finger joints. Finished with mineral oil / beeswax / orange oil / anise oil.

I don't know about you, but even if having a number of people over, it's rare that I need more than two simultaneous burners.

Custom made to fit the lip on your stove.

Board For Your Sink

Big sinks in small kitchens that take away from counter space make no sense. Here's a board to fit over your sink and put that space to use.

A slot for your knife (placed depending on whether you're right- or left-handed), a lip on the front to make it easy to get the food off the board, and the option to have the canister for your onion skins and divot for wily vegetables or a paring knife. Handles on the sides and bottom, similar to the end-grain boards, make it easy to move.

For this board, the right side of the divot is flat, with the left side gently curving to the top of the board. Two sections are joined with a walnut spline, as seen.

The lip makes it easy to get stuff on the plate, no mess or drips.

You can also use it on your roof to slice an orange for a Tom Collins (can also garnish with an Eames RAR), but bringing up boxes of kosher salt to prop up the board so the knife slot is still functional was a bit much.

Fit to your sink, with handles, lip, and knife slot. Divot and canister cost a bit extra.