Some recent links:

  • Even after an official "cleaning," some sites around the canal, like Lowe's and the Toll Bros. site, are still incredibly contaminated, and can read more here and here. Also a piece about the cleanup for the new "Gowanus Green" development - critics saying it's a pretty meager attempt. Sitting on a giant pile of contamination is never good. Hrm. Ahh, coal tar.
  • The canal cleanup, what's involved, and how the canal's long history (since the 1840s) affects the process.
  • First-hand account of some of the great works by the Gowanus Canal Conservancy on a cleanup day back in May - mulch, plantings, bird boxes, platforms for swifts, and other good stuff.
  • Monte's is open once again.
  • Short film about the canal.
  • And! Gowanus bike tour June 4th offered by the Historic Districts Council.