This one, K d O, is for Kors d'Œuvres. (Go sample and buy Korey's dips and spreads at the Flea - delicious! - and  touch/feel/smell a fine cutting board.) It says KdO, with the apostrophe as the "d". Sadly, "Œ" is tough to generate via Morse code, so I went for the generic "O". Love Morse-code-apostrophe-as-monogram.

This next one fits perfectly over the sink, and in my case, doubles my counter space. (Pics of it in action to follow...) It has a recessed area on the right side to hold either your scrap onion skins or things like wily olives and grape tomatoes that may escape. I'm left-handed and cut with my left hand, so for me the recess is on the right for easy grabbing. On the left, it's monogrammed with an "R".