New non-cutting board pieces on the way shortly. Really. I swear

...but the light was delightfully theatrical in the shop this morning, so here are two more:

APR #004 - This is before the oil and wax finish. I love how the darker maple at the base of the first two letters looks. I was able to get a bit of a gradient, with brighter maple at the very bottom, and a range across the upper portion.

FB #007 - I just added the first coat of mineral oil / beeswax / orange oil, with just a touch of anise oil. It smells fantastic. Aroma threapy via bespoke cutting boards.

This panel is all walnut in the middle, with maple on the edges, so the reverse of every board so far. I saved all of the really interesting pieces of walnut for this board - look at those colors - scarlet, tan, white, pink, burnt sienna, and a whole bunch more from the box of 64. Makes me think Soutine's flayed beef.

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Well, that might be a stretch. Soutine did use a lot of blue. The colors on the walnut are amazing though...]]>