The first cutting board is almost done. These guys involve a lot of cutting, and gluing, and waiting, and cutting, and gluing, and waiting, and sanding, and finishing, and waiting, and finishing, and all that, so they take some time when done individually.

It's 2" thick and solid walnut and maple.  Heavy.  Here it is pre-glue:

Playing around with the Morse code idea, going forward, I'm going to do something more like this:

It gives it some directionality and makes the dot/dash pattern a bit more prominent.

The board is a blend of old and new. It's made by hand and personalized, but working within specific bounds. It's something you can order over the interwebs that uses a form of communication invented 175 years ago. It starts a conversation.

Samuel Morse was also a founder of the National Academy. People forget that. He was a painter first. He only went on to revolutionize communication after his wife passed away in New Haven while he was in Washington, DC, with Morse finally aware of her failing health only when it was too late.]]>