There was an article recently about how Brooklyn is the place for Fancy Cakes. Right. Brian Williams said it best discussing this new infatuation with Brooklyn a few days ago.

For about 10 years I drank my coffee every day out of an Entenmann's mug - that being most of college and a good stretch afterwards.  My grandparents would mail away the barcodes and eventually stockpiled quite a cache.  So when I broke #1 after five years or so (I was washing it - hastily! - in my old apt on Mulberry Street - still a sad memory...), #2 was there (pictured) ready for me.

That one finally cracked a bit (again, careless...), and now it holds my keys.  Two years ago I decided it was time for a change and switched to my current mug - from Polly's Pancake Parlor.

Anyway, point is, my old Entenmann's #2 looked nice in the sun, so gave it a closer look, and noticed for the first time (albeit a bit blurry) that Entenmann's fancy cakes were originally from Flatbush.

Their current Flatbush location is also where all the malformed cakes end up.  Fascinating.