Hey there. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I still have pie in my fridge, and that's always good (was a lot of pie, but now nearly done, sadly). So I thought I would be done with this project in two weeks.  

Well, almost...  Here are some recent pics:

Gluing up the two pieces was a bit of a challenge.  Modern wood glue is amazing stuff, and, if done right, the bond is stronger than the wood - however a good part of that strength relies on sufficient clamping pressure, and if just two pieces at a 45deg angle, it takes some clever clamping.  Below is how I did it.  You can see the cherry along the bottom and right sides, with pieces of scrap cut to create a right angle to help with clamping.

After it dried, removed the bark and finished the edges.  (So smoooooth!!!) I also routed two thin grooves along the seams on both pieces to inlay another two strips of copper (similar to the credenza).  Below you can see the shape of the channel that will hold the bike drawn onto the edge of the wood.  When the top tube is resting in the channel, there will be a small gap at the bottom.  The tube will be cradled by the wood - not resting on it.  The parts that support the bike will be lined with rubber, the gap on the bottom with more copper.