My apt is small and bikes tend to take up an inordinate amount of space. Too much stuff and too little room on the floor. So put your bike on the wall!

A friend of mine sent me a link to this (and I think it's super cool) and is looking for a way to get a bike on the wall. Lots of other ideas out there too. Not as fond of the others. So working on my take on the concept...

Similar to the credenza in the works and the wine rack, I like big pieces of wood with a live edge, so that's the key to this. Made out of cherry. As well as some copper inlay. Lovely!

Basic plan is two pieces, each about 16"w x 10"d, joined at a right angle with a through mortise and tenon (like this lovely piece). I'll then cut a small rounded channel along the top, and can rest the top tube of the bike in there... So it will be a sturdy upside-down "L" on the wall, with a groove that the bike rests in. There'll be room below to hang your helmet, messenger bag, stretchy logo-clad-jersey-thing, whatevs... The fact that the wood itself will be gorgeous is the key.

I could also make it to support the bike by the seat tube so it hangs vertically. That'd be interesting.

Over the weekend glued up the wood, next steps to plane and sand the pieces, cut the channel for the bike, cut the mortises and tenons, inlay the copper, glue it up, and give it a few coats of Danish oil... Done in 2 weeks?