**From the old Manhattan Clean Line days...

First time working with a big piece of wood. So much sanding, so much planing. Danish oil, lemon oil, more sanding. Drilled all the holes with a handheld drill on my roof. Quite pleased with how it came out. I love the look of copper and cherry together. That is also the signature look up a number of upcoming Gowanus Furniture Co. pieces - all about copper inlaid in cherry. This piece to me though is a little too "Keebler Elf" - fond of it, but it could say more with less.

**Built summer 2006. Not for sale.

(aka Vino) [mcl - WRa - CC12]:

Is it too country for the city, or too city for the country? Neither! It's just fine for both. In this case, the copper and cherry pair beautifully, though it is also available as aluminum and birch. Each style has it's place, as some prefer Rioja and others Vouvray. Blending a modern sensibility with a warmer, more organic aesthetic, this wine rack lets you show your friends that your design sense has as much (if not more) finesse, balance, poise, and refinement as the Romanée-Conti you have in this rack. It takes cues from the likes of Bauhaus design, while infused with the likes of something a bit more mid-century and a bit more West Coast. This isn't a soulless piece of furniture that one would find in, say, an airport. This is something to live with. In vino veritas, and the truth is that you need something like this.

*Other arrangements available with other wood and metal combinations in a range of sizes. [starting at $299.00, $475.00 as shown]

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