**From the old Manhattan Clean Line days...

An imminently rational - yet creative and clever - table, much like its namesake.

**Built Fall 2005. Not for sale.

(aka Jefferson) [mcl - CTj - 4x1]:

Narrow tables work well in, er, compact apartments. They're all the more charming when rational and enlightened and understand important natural proportions (though this table is not without its contradictions - "natural" though it is, it probably wouldn't care much for the agrarian lifestyle). The bottom shelf illustrates the the Fibonacci sequence, but is more than just graph paper.... (Yeah, it holds your magazines!) No, really! it illustrates the sequence and its recursive properties. The unpainted rods illustrate the sequence, while the black rods illustrate the recursion. A great gift for your nerdy friends.

Carrots not included. (Wait - you want carrots? Buy the table and carrots will be included....)

*Other sizes available [4'x1' shown], with glass or plexi. [$399.00 as shown (with glass)]

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