**From the old Manhattan Clean Line days...

Built for a couple in the East Village who had the glass but wanted a new frame. Simple and effective, my contribution to the design was having the glass rest on the sort of butyl rubber stoppers you surely remember from chemistry class. You notice the black rubber under the glass just as you notice the aluminum fittings. Can't miss either. I don't think van der Rohe would have cared for this much at all .
You've also surely seen a Barcelona Table?

**Built Spring 2005. Not for sale.

(aka Barco) [mcl - CTb - 4x4]:

You need tables where you live. The powers that be would tell you you need these tables especially for coffee. You are welcome to use this table for that purpose, or in any other way you see fit. There's a lot to be said about tables, especially ones roughly 4'x4' with an "X" shaped frame, and plenty more will likely be said (some perhaps about this one, in your living room, with your dog nearby...).

*Any size available (so long as the length and width are the same - i.e. it's a square), with glass or plexi. [$349.00 as shown (with glass)]

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