**From the old Manhattan Clean Line days...

Built for a client in Cobble Hill with a great porch. Funny story though about assembling it on my roof and then trying to get it inside. Actually, not that funny at all. No, not funny...

**Built Fall 2004. Not for sale.

(aka Fresco) [mcl - BTa - 2.5x2.5]:

Nice to eat out, but nicer to eat outside.... Perfect for four diners, some homemade sausage, a nice london broil, a bit of kielbasa, a few hamburgers, and wild boar ribs. Ok - with maybe a bell pepper stuffed with your leftover rice (they'll never know!) from last night for the vegetarian. Gosh, that sounds tasty (the meat, that is). This table is quite the homage to the square.Albers would be pleased. Who'd have thought a cube could be so accomadating?

*Other arrangements available (glass instead of plexi). [starting at $325.00, $325.00 as shown]

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