Superfun(d) Wine Holder

We're taking a bit of a hiatus from these boards for a little while - it's been a good run for the last five years, but we need a break. Read all about it here.

For more info feel free to email Pete Raho at for any more info - we're still making these boards, just not as frequently as before.

We can't claim to have invented it, but we do think ours is the best looking. It was featured in New York Magazine, after all.

Impress your friends and delight your taste for danger with our balancing wine holders. Made from walnut, maple, and cherry, and finished with two coats of Danish oil, these wine holders keep your cork from drying out and your guests entertained. Also, depending on the crowd, a great conversation piece to fill awkward pauses in conversation. Will work for any bottle, full or empty, Burgundy or Bordeaux shape - pull it in or out about 1/2" to hit the right spot for maximum stability.

We'll have specific stripe patterns available shortly, in the meantime let us know in the comments if want more cherry, or walnut, or maple.

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  • Superfun(d) Wine Holder