Monumental 81 Wall-mounted Speakers

The Inspiration for Gowanus Audio

In the picture to the left you can see what I thought would be the first speaker I'd have for sale. This picture was taken back in 2015. Somehow I had Juno Temple in my apartment and I was telling her all about how great my speakers were. Haven't seen her since. 

The actual version will look a lot better than what you see here.

The "Monumental 81" name was inspired by the The Monumental Show - an art exhibition held in Gowanus back in 1981. It was kind of a big deal. I love the idea of something as epic as that show happening back when Gowanus was in much worse shape. I also loved the idea that the point of these speakers is to not look like typical "speakers" - rather they're a canvas you mount on the wall and make them your own, with removable faceplates you can adorn as you see fit. Make them objects that you want to live with. 

The more compact, slightly more refined version - the Monumental 82 (like The Monument Redefined - the 1982 show) - is a single tabletop Bluetooth speaker and is currently available. Like this forthcoming Monumental 81, you can make it your own with interchangeable faceplates.  

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$650.00 USD