WP - Over-stove Boards

No counter space and a tiny stove? How are you expected to cook? Insulting, really.

This makes it better.

Cutting board designed to use on the stove.

Made of hard maple and walnut, resting on high-temp silicone.

About 8.5" by 20", 1.25" thick.

Handmade in Gowanus, Brooklyn.


Use it to chop, slice, and mince, or just use it to hold your spoon rest and salt cellar.

This board rests on 4  silicone cords - they look like little 4" long sausages - that allow the board to rest sturdily on the sometimes-wobbly stove top. Ever try using a regular cutting board on your stove? I have, and it wasn't pretty.

This one has hand holds on 4 sides, as, depending on the size and orientation of your stove, there may be a couple different ways you'd want to grab it.

You can use it on your counter too like  a "regular" board. Also looks good for serving at the table.

Wait.  Hang on....

What? Really? Isn't it obvious? Oh. Sure. Ok... Whatever.

My lawyers just told me to tell you not to use the burners that are under the cutting board, as the board is made of wood and will burn. (Obvs.)

[It's also a good idea to keep at least 3" of space between the edge of the board and a pot or pan in use (As above there's a good gap between pan and wood - if you can't keep you hand on the edge of the board, it's too close to the flame - move it or take it off the stove).]

You can also hang it on the wall for storage. Hanging it vertically also keeps that strange city grime that always seems to accumulate on every horizontal surface.

What more could you want?

Some Key Features:

  • About 8.5" x 20" x 1.25"
  • Rest on silicone cords for a sturdy work surface on any stove
  • Wall-mountable (hardware included)
  • Finished with my own blend of mineral oil, beeswax, orange oil, and anise oil

Here's the complete list of features and options.

Send me an email to order and for more information.

Tested on all sorts of stoves - see for yourself:

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