WP - Monogrammed Long-Grain Boards

It's a great all purpose long-grain cutting board.

It's also subtly monogrammed.

Walnut and hard maple cutting board.

13" x 16", 1.25" thick.

Weighs about 5lbs.

The stripes, read vertically, add a  Morse code monogram to the board.

Handmade in Gowanus, Brooklyn.


With this example on the left, the two wide stripes at the top are dashes, the narrow stripe at the bottom is a dot, which is how you would represent a "G" in Morse code - dash dash dot.

Now imagine it made of wood, with four rubber feet, slick handholds, and wall mountability, and you have a cutting board that works well in your kitchen. Or as a gift in someone else's.

Here’s the complete list of features and options.
Send me an email to buy and for more information.