WP - Guarantee

If you buy a board from Gowanus Furniture Co., and wood or glue fails through the course of normal use, I'll fix it for you or replace it for free.

Let me know of any problems - either send me an email, or call me at 718 GO-CANAL.

If you're in Brooklyn or a neighboring borough, I'll swing by & pick up the wounded little fella. (Outside the city, you get it to me and I'll ship it back to you.)  These boards can - and should - last lifetimes.

There are some things that are terrible for cutting boards - top of the list is extended contact with water (never submerge the board or leave it in a pool of water on the counter), but also never giving it a coat of oil. The board may warp or crack (or both) as a result. That sort of damage isn't covered, but I can still fix those boards, should the unthinkable happen. Take a look at the maintenance page for more information about how to best care for cutting boards.

Also, if after a few years the surface looks a bit too worn and scratched for your liking (some people like that, some people don't), I can refinish it so that it is as smooth as the day you got it.]]>