WP - Bike Racks

Get your bikes off your floor and onto your wall.

Made of solid hardwood (cherry on the left, walnut below), it's a celebration of the wood. An overstatement? Maybe.

But I think these days we've forgotten what a beautiful, properly finished piece of solid hardwood looks like. These are gorgeous, and they also keep you from inadvertently kicking the rear tire every time you walk into your kitchen.

More models, versions, and iterations on the way. Including a cute little two-piece that will work with women's / mixte frames.

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If interested in sweet deal on an early version, do get in touch. Once in production, these will be available via the site and some bike shops for around $350. Now's your chance to get an early version for less.

Here's the latest iteration.  It's 6/4 walnut, joined with a maple spline, with some aluminum. Holds you bike with aplomb (but perhaps with an excess of aluminum - design is an iterative process).

You can see inside the space between the two "U" shaped notches that holds the top tube, there's a rectangle of aluminum.

Left you can see the maple spline and a little notch on the top side of the joint. I think without the aluminum, the contrast between the maple and walnut will look much better and the spline would look amazing.

Regarding that notch on the top portion - here's where it gets interesting:

Imaging a whole wall of (non-aluminum-clad) shelves that all interlock, with the bottom lip fitting into the top notch, going up and down and across the wall. Bookshelves, bike racks, and smaller shelves that fit under a bike rack shelf and inside the bike frame. Different widths and depths that allow you to customize your own storage system for your needs, and reconfigure it when you move.

That's all coming down the pike. Stay tuned.