treeHouse Walnut Shelves

An 18" x 10" shelf you can put anywhere. Very easy to install, and made from solid hardwoods, it's something to keep through moves to successive apartments.

The shelf is composed of two pieces of walnut, and a miter joint with a spline running throught it connects them. Sturdy. Strong. 

The bottom edge is scraped and contoured by hand to resemble the tree it came from. You want to touch it. The front edge is rounded a bit to soften it, and has contrasting maple stripes.

It attaches to the wall with a French cleat, which is a very effective and elegant way to attach heavy pieces (cabinets, mirrors, pictures) to the wall and is easy to install. You anchor the included strip of wood to the wall, and then the shelf hangs off of that. 

Great for books, pictures, or whatever.

18" x 10" shelf, 7/8" thick. Approximately 9" tall.

Custom sizes and materials available. Get in touch for more details.

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  • treeHouse Walnut Shelves
  • treeHouse Walnut Shelves
  • treeHouse Walnut Shelves
  • treeHouse Walnut Shelves