WP - Over-sink Boards

So little counter space, so much sink.

Put your sink to use.

A cutting board custom sized to fit over your sink.

Made from  hard maple with walnut accents (and lots of options).

About 10" by 24", 1.75" thick.

Weighs 7lbs.

Handmade in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

Buy kitchen furniture that will last a lifetime.


The board fits over your sink and makes use of the open space below (provided your sink is not piled high with pots, pans, and the bowl from your oatmeal - this board can do many things, but doing your dishes is not one of them).

All boards come with a slot for your knife, placed according to whether you're right- or left-handed, as well as a lip on the front to help get the goods off the board.

Optionally, you can have a divot to hold your garlic, grape tomatoes, or paring knife, as well as a stainless steel canister to hold your avocado skins and mushroom stems.

Some Key Features:

  • 10" x 24" x 1.75" (varies slightly depending on sink size)
  • Customized to your specifications
  • Wall mountable to keep it out of the way
  • Finished with my own blend of mineral oil, beeswax, orange oil, and anise oil
  • Will last a lifetime
  • Free NYC delivery

Here's the complete list of features and options.

Send me an email to buy and for more information.