Stovetop Cutting Board Gallery

Stovetop Cutting Board Gallery

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Do you have any counter space? I don't have any counter space. And I know very few folks who do, and if they do, it's not enough. 

This board solves problems.

We sell our basic overstove board, but these are something special - we hunt thorough our wood supply to find the coolest combinations of species that will make a board you'll really want to have sitting on your stove. These are the Premium Blend.

It sits on your stove, with high temp silicone feet. We cast the feet ourselves. Add a pic of the casting. Rated to 650F. Turn your stove off, of course. The silicone won't melt, but the wooden cutting board will burn. These are all individually numbered. once they're gone, they're gone. if you see on e you like and want to pick it up at the brooklyn flea, shoot us an email at and we'll bring it along.

The board also hangs on your wall for storage with the included wallmount kit.

Can also get it monogrammed (link to mono stove) for an additional $20.

Can order the "standard" board, or one of the custom ones from the gallery here. When these are gone, they're gone. Greyed out images have been sold, but are here for reference.