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Hi everyone-

It's taken a lot of thinking over the last few months, but I've decided to take a break from making cutting boards for a little while. If you're interested in a cutting board of any kind, shoot me an email at pete@gowanusfurniture.com - we'll still be gluing wood together, but we will not be making them as regularly as we had before.

There are a number of new ideas and prototypes that we're working on and are excited to share, but it's time to shift away from the boards. We will always be grateful for the (thousands!) of cutting board purchases that you, our customers, have made over the years.  


Pete Raho
Owner, Gowanus Furniture Co.

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Aug 04 2014 | 0 comments

Last weekend's project - made my crossover go from homely to handsome with a sweet walnut enclosure. Pretty nerdtastic, but my receiver is old and doesn't have a subwoofer-out, so I run the signal though the crossover first, and that sends the lows to the subwoofer and everything else back to the receiver to go to the main speakers. The walnut's not resting on the surface - there's about 1mm of space - small rubber feet are underneath. See what I did there? It's not too deep, so made the walnut rails and a plywood top to support the receiver in the back.



We're having a special sale through Sunday, August 3rd - $148 for your own custom planter. It's sort of market research. A beta test, if you will. After that, prices a bit higher, and options a bit fewer.

Perfect for herbs, or living curtains. Check them out here.

Barnett Newman has been a favorite of mine for years, and I remember back in undergrad first seeing his Stations of the Cross on slides in a dim classroom.

I decided I wanted to recreate this series as a series of cutting boards. At the risk of sounding a bit flip, I thought it'd look really cool as I liked the imagery, but also I wanted to delve a bit more into the meaning of the piece.

The inspiration of the piece was Jesus' outcry from the Cross - "lema sabachthani" -  "why have you forsaken me?" The whole piece questions the nature of suffering and it's existence.

I think what makes Newman interesting is that it is so abstract, yet in the process of recreating these pieces, I see his logic behind them. They're not "just stripes" - the distances and widths between elements are consistent across the series (and he created these works over a span of eight years - from 1958 to 1966). There's a logic to be discovered.

They're also intended to ask a question and foster a conversation. The scale at which they're painted (about 6' tall) doesn't really lend itself to that. I saw the show at the National Gallery in 2013 and was thrilled, but a hushed room and security telling you to not take pictures or get too close makes it lose something.

I liked the contrast of a serious subject and the thought that these could be used while entertaining and would be talked about. In the same spirit, another favorite artist of mine, Clyfford Still, hated the idea of museums. Bad for the art. Get rid of the sanctity. Sort of. And live with the work.

I donated a set to the spring ArtBridge auction, and glad to think that they're now in someone's home. 


Each board measures about 5" x 7", all 14 stations were included and numbered on the back.

Here's a peek at the next thing we're working on - window planters for herbs in the kitchen or living curtains. Simple plywood container with a gorgeous walnut faceplate. Solving the world's small-apartment problems, one at a time...

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We totally agree - our collaboration with The Shop - The American - is a great gift for the host. Thanks for the shout-out, Tasting Table! Read more news here...


Perfect for an afternoon in the park...We'll have a few new combos coming up - great for gifts, or just to get a sweet deal for yourself.

Don't go to the park on a sunny day without this one.

This is our Covert Carousing Combo. A wine tote, cheese board, and grilled cheese board. Read more about it here.

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